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About Us

The Phoenix centre is a community partnership, which has developed a new community centre serving the twin towns of Fishguard & Goodwick – and their surrounding rural villages. The new centre was built on the site of Fishguard & Goodwick Sports Club’s former clubhouse. The site is equidistant between Fishguard and Goodwick and is centred within the twin town’s playing fields at the Phoenix Park. It is located on land reclaimed from what was, prior to 1974, the local rubbish tip. Hence the name Phoenix Park – the new centre has literally risen from the ashes.

The driving force behind the project is the local sports clubs’ commitment to open up the new building to wider community use. It is a project unique in Wales; whereby a number of local sports clubs (cricket, football, rugby, squash and tennis) have joined forces with cultural groups, disability support groups, Pembrokeshire Youth Service, senior citizens and Pembrokeshire Lifelong Learning.

Normal Opening Times

Monday 6pm to 9pm
Tuesday 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday 4pm to 10pm
Thursday 4pm to 9pm
Friday* 5pm to 10pm
Saturday* 9am to 6pm

* Fridays/Saturdays - Open up to 1am for functions/events

** Open for Rugby junior matches